SIM partners HP and SkillsFuture Singapore in a Queen Bee initiative to support greener procurement practices and sustainable manufacturing

Caption (From left): Ng Tian Chong, Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc., Vivian Chua, Managing Director, Singapore, HP Inc., Tan Kok Yam, Chief Executive, SkillsFuture Singapore, and Seah Chin Siong, President and Chief Executive Officer, SIM at the Signing Ceremony announcing HP Inc.’s appointment as the latest SkillsFuture Queen Bee on 18 August 2022.

Photo credit: HP Inc.

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) has partnered HP Singapore (HP) and Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) to deliver training outcomes that will uplevel sustainable manufacturing and procurement capabilities in the manufacturing sector.

The SkillsFuture Queen Bees are industry leaders who take on a leading role to upskill and reskill smaller organisations in their ecosystem and sector, and provide support in identifying and acquiring required skills for business transformation. HP was appointed an SkillsFuture Queen Bee for its industry-recognised capabilities in sustainable manufacturing and procurement.

This partnership involves SIM and HP co-developing a curriculum featuring 15 training courses, while also mentoring manufacturing companies as they develop proof-of-concepts to support business transformation.

The 15 courses are divided into the following four tracks and designed to be completed within short timeframes.

  • Engineering – Courses under this track feature product design and sustainability as the core focus areas. They cover how companies can achieve digital transformation through design thinking in manufacturing, and guidance on designing customer-centric sustainable products
  • Sourcing – This track focuses on materials selection and ethical sourcing, primarily covering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) pillars of sustainability, green process design and sustainability design, and how a lean and green business model can deliver sustainability across the whole business value chain
  • Production – This track focuses on enabling companies to develop factories of the future. Companies will learn about manufacturing and sustainability, green building and facilities management, along with ESG and carbon footprint management
  • Aftermarket – Courses in this track focus on creating a circular economy. The courses cover the process of green design and sustainability design, how business acumen and leadership can help companies achieve manufacturing success, and how leaders can implement change and transformation for SMART manufacturing and sustainability.

SIM and HP aim to train over 1,500 learners and provide mentorship for 100 proof-of-concept projects, supporting 180 companies. The desired outcome is for participants to build up a range of hard and soft skills that span the most critical challenges and needs in manufacturing today, from sustainable product design, ethical sourcing, green building, to facilities management, systems thinking and problem solving.

SIM’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Seah Chin Siong shared that this partnership with HP Singapore and SSG is aligned with SIM’s raison d’être of almost 60 years, to enable and empower both individuals and enterprises to continuously reskill and upskill to remain relevant in and thrive in the workplace of the future.

The courses will begin in September 2022 and interested companies can apply for the courses here.